Lili’s Guide to Gentle D/s Fic

Thanks to EF, I get a lot of people asking me what else is out there in the way of fics that show a loving, mutual, one might say, gentle, D/s relationship. Now, I believe even the really hard, 24/7 TPE stuff is still loving and mutual, but I get where they are coming from. So this is my personal kinder, gentler D/s fic rec list.

It’s a work in progess for sure, and I’ll try to update often, and if anyone knows of any that I might want to include, please let me know!


No Envy, No Fear by Neaf

16 chapters, 59k, D/s AU

Everybody already knows what they are before their marking day. You’re a Dom, or you’re a Sub, and it’s pretty easy to figure out which one you are once puberty hits and the hormones kick in. But when Kurt Hummel is marked a Dom on his sixteenth birthday, nobody believes it. The jocks (all Doms themselves), irritated that they have no power over him, decide to make his life a living hell. But, Kurt figures, that’s just high school. It doesn’t change anything. The only problem is, one of the jocks is a boy he doesn’t know. A boy he never sees, shy and hidden behind the others in a sea of letterman jackets. Blaine Anderson is a Sub, but nobody knows it. And he was just fine keeping it that way, until he saw Kurt Hummel.

Everything Neaf writes is beautiful and there’s a reason this story is one of the Klaine D/s heavy hitters. It’s beautiful and gentle and everything you could possibly want from this trope.

Unwanted and 525,600 Minutes by portraitofemmy

Unwanted - 26k, D/s AU, Age Difference

525,600 Minutes - 32k, D/s AU, Age Difference

Kurt’s a Dom who never wanted a sub. Blaine’s a sub who’s never been wanted. This is a story about finding the things you need in the place you least expect them.

I feel like Unwanted and Expectation Fails are conjoined twins. They always seem to be mentioned together. Which I love because this is a really beautiful story. This is a ‘verse where subs who don’t get dominated regularly get sick, so teenage Blaine, unclaimed, has to visit a sub house when things get too bad. Kurt is older, visiting his family in Lima, when he goes to the sub house and has an encounter with Blaine. And keeps coming back.

The sequel follows a year in their life together after the end of Unwanted.

What Goes Unsaid by Judearaya

9k, some dirty talk and slut shaming

Written for this prompt on the kink meme: after Kurt and Blaine have been in a sexual relationship for a little while, Kurt starts to suspect that what Blaine really wants is to be dominated. Blaine’s embarrassed by these urges and won’t talk about it, though, so one night when Blaine’s parents aren’t home, Kurt basically just turns up at Blaine’s house and starts ordering him around (bonus points if he orders Blaine onto his knees) and they have really intensely good sex in which Kurt makes Blaine beg for it and Blaine pretty much takes to subbing for Kurt like he was born to do it. When they talk about it after, Blaine admits that it’s something he’s always wanted, and Kurt tells Blaine how much he loved being in control, and they agree to explore the whole D/s thing together.

It’s no secret that I love Jude’s writing, and I was so happy when she started to explore D/s stuff. This is not a D/s AU, just two boys exploring new dynamics. The actual sex scene in this story is perhaps a little harder than in the other gentle D/s recs, but a huge part of the story is Kurt & Blaine in a non-D/s relationship discovering that they both want to go in this direction. The scene Kurt sets up is dirty-talk heavy, even touching on slut-shaming, but the point is the care and communication that goes into what happens before and after. So gentle it is, because despite being scorchingly hot, it’s more about their relationship and how and why this dynamic fits it.

Heart of One by Coribird

35k, Werewolf AU, One scene of non-con

In which the boys are werewolves but Kurt has no idea what Blaine claiming him as a mate really entails.

I think this is the first fic I ever commented on. It’s still one of my favorites. Kurt and Blaine are werewolves (although all the action happens in their human forms). Kurt is submissive and lives with the other unclaimed submissive wolves at the sub court. Just before he comes of age, Blaine, son of the Alphas, visits to see if he can find a mate there. And he does. But Kurt, who hasn’t been taught anything about sex, has no idea what to expect from him.

I’m usually not a big fan of innocence in the context of teenage characters being clueless about sex, but Cori keeps it really light and uses it well and Kurt is in no sense childish, just uneducated in this one area. What I really love about this story is that it feels like an old-fashioned romance, despite the dom/sub landscape it takes place in. There’s very little actual dominance here - no bondage or typical D/s practices in the interactions - it’s more an emotional place that Kurt and Blaine live as submissive and dominant. But Kurt has a lot of agency here and it works.

So yes, there is one scene that is non-con, but it’s in the context of instincts taking over, both for Kurt and Blaine, and they are both trying to fight it and you just have to trust me that this story, even with that, definitely belongs on the gentle list.

Ready or Not by Nadiacreek

15 Chapters, 54k, D/s AU

Blaine needs to find a dom to keep him healthy, but he ignores the signs of his oncoming Sickness. When things become desperate at the Sectionals competition, Kurt agrees to help, but the emotional consequences of their encounter are more than they ever expected.

This is such a great story by Nadiacreek. Kurt happens to be around around and fills in when Blaine is having a crisis and their relationship grows from there. They’ve both been thrown by their unexpected encounter and it’s really sweet and beautiful to watch them negotiate their way to being boyfriends, within the landscape of the D/s AU.  

Virtually Indistinguishable by Lepidopteran

11 Chapters, 33k, Virtual reality future fic

Blaine is an inexperienced sub looking for an introduction to D/s through a virtual reality program called SafePlay. Unbeknownst to him, a bug in the program makes the program match him with a real person instead of the AI he thinks he’s getting. But the more sessions Blaine has with Kurt, the more he wishes that Kurt were real…

This is a lovely story that has a little SF bent to it, for those of us who also bend that way! It’s such a unique take on the D/s trope. It’s not a D/s ‘verse, though. But Kurt is so gentle and wonderful with Blaine and their interactions are perfect.

Little Yellow Tags by Lurkdusoleil

Kurt starts—and continues—a relationship with McKinley’s newest Skank.

Riah is another writer who made me so happy by turning to D/s. Little Yellow Tags is actually a whole series of stories, some chaptered, some one-shots, about Kurt and Skank!Blaine falling into a relationship that comes to include D/s elements. Just go read the whole series. They’re as beautiful as you’d expect and the D/s elements are both gentle and really beautifully explored. Slight warning for mentions of eating disorder.


Pull the Blindfold Down by Sparrow30

In this one (which is not an “everybody’s a dom or sub” AU) Kurt & Blaine are a couple and they are exploring D/s. Sebastian, who’s trying to fight his submissive needs, notices their dynamic and when he messes up royally with the Warblers one day and feels like he needs to be punished, he goes to the only dom he knows. Blaine is very okay with Kurt helping Sebastian and there’s a lovely Sebklaine sequel in the works now. Sparrow has a real gift for Sebastian, so if you’ve never really gone for Kurtbastian or Sebklaine, this could definitely be your gateway fic!


I usually only venture outside the Glee fandom for short, sweet PWP, but sometimes I come across a story that’s so good I think everyone should read it.

Moirai by Xela (on AO3)

This is a gorgeous fic in the Star Trek fandom. (Star Trek reboot, that is. Karl Urban. Yum.) The pairing is McCoy/Chekov, so there’s age difference as well as D/s. It’s especially lovely because McCoy is reluctant to do anything with Chekov, as he’s so young, but Chekov knows exactly what he wants and needs and, in a very sub way, has to court the doctor until he finally gives in. Then the exploration of the emotional progress of their relationship is just lovely. You don’t have to know anything about the show to enjoy this story of two people figuring out how to love each other (while enjoying very kinky sex). 


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