So great seeing these 2 again <3

Seriously! Who IS that guy with Darren & Curt?!

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22 July 2014 ·

When I went to the gym for my ab class today at 12 Mr. Lil, who had gone at 10:30 (he’s exceptionally slow in the gym) was just checking out. So I snuck up behind him and goosed him.

22 July 2014 ·


I am pleasantly surprised by my dash this morning.

22 July 2014 ·

Anonymous said: Hi! So this is embarrassing, but I just remembered this little part of a story that I read SOOO long ago and perhaps you could help? I know it's Klaine but I don't remember who was Dom or sub, but the Dom wanted to know what it felt like to be submissive, so the sub simply laid over the Dom and since it wasn't in their nature, the Dom had kind of a panic attack (like, freaked out and his body went nuts). I want to say it's EF, but I DON'T KNOW, and it's bugging me because I want to read it. :(

Well, it’s not EF or any of mine, and I don’t remember that scene in anything I’ve read. Anybody else able to point this anon in the right direction?

22 July 2014 ·

I will never be over this. IMO, there’s no moment (no, not even the proposal) that better expresses how Blaine feels about Kurt.

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22 July 2014 ·


So apparently while I wasn’t looking Dom Barnes had a Chris Colfer-scale late puberty.

Okay then.

21 July 2014 ·


Commencing 800th rewrite on the evil chapter of doom.

Someone tell me if anything exciting happens!

21 July 2014 ·


STILL struggling with this damned chapter.

On the upside, I’ve achieved two and a half pages that don’t actively make me want to set myself on fire.

Let’s call that progress.

20 July 2014 ·


bordering-on-the-avant-garde replied to your post: “bordering-on-the-avant-garde replied to your post: “Have you ever read…”:

*gently sets the hot d/s fic in front of you* *bows head and slinks away*

Terrible. Horrible. No good. Very bad. Chapter.

20 July 2014 ·

Anybody know how long it takes new forums to show up on I created one and I can see it from my account but I can’t find it on search. Damn that site. I really wish everyone there would get wise to AO3.

20 July 2014 ·

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